Economic Empowerment

There are people who lack ideas but have the means, while others lack the means while they hold very brilliant ideas.
Our role is to make sure everyone;-but especially in the marginalized and less privileged areas of  the society get the necessary enablement through trainings, funding and education.
With more partners and expanded funding, we could reach and cover wider areas in the whole country and beyond.
That is the very reason we continue to seek more partnerships and donations.

Resource Governance

Anyone who has faced drought and/or starvation will easily be mindful of natural wealth when they finally get privileged to feel and enjoy some.
Most of nature’s best including OXYGEN and WATER come free but are commonly taken for granted.
We are a Resource Governance Centre for the very reason that we champion for best practices in;

  • water conservation
  • recycling
  • research, development and innovation

Our future prime goal is to team up with NEMA, UNEP and other organizations that champion conservation issues.


This is our core area of interest and the motivation upon which this organization was built.
Water is ironically a scarce resource in some parts of our country. It’s in our interest to have
everyone with access to clean tap water or well/borehole water.
Waterborne diseases can be very fatal, and the contamination that leads to such outbreaks can spread fast and wide.
Our vision is through funding and partnerships provide water points as vastly as possible within easily reachable distances within community settlements.


A sick community in the context of a nation is like a body whose limp is rotting away.
The analogy of the body is such that when a part of it is ailing,the rest of the body automatically gets affected.
It is in the nation”s interest to keep a healthy community.
At CEWAGO,besides teaching the community how to eat,drink,breath and generally live healthy,we also coordinate with related agencies in areas such as;

  • food distribution
  • well drilling
  • water distribution
  • garbage collection
  • immunization
  • free medical clinics and consultation

Sometimes people may know what to do but lack the drive to follow through.Our team has become a notable engine when it comes to identifying what afflicts the society while leading the drive to do something about it.
There are government sponsored programs, including immunization and civic education,which we help in carrying out.
Every time we have mobilized a community to team up in carrying out a function,the results have always been impressive.

waste management

Most towns,cities and even villages grapple with how to manage and dispose off waste.

There is notably mountainous hips of garbage and recklessly disposed off plastic bags that end up clogging our sewerage and drainage systems .
The utmost effect of this problem is poor sanitation and compromised health status in the community.
We work in collaboration with the community and relevant government agencies to mitigate this problem


Empowering educators,trainers and facilitators is the only  way to have a wider outreach in a vast community where most of the people live below poverty line.


This is as simple as washing ones hands after leaving the washroom to garbage /water treatment and recycling.

Logically,the cleaner people and the environment are,the less money the government/people will spent on health/treatment.

In collaboration with like minded people and willing organizations/donors,we are focusing on helping people live with dignity in an environment they can be proud of