About Us



Center for Water Governance was founded by four Kenyans who had a shared vision and were keen on actualizing the same through teamwork. The organization was registered in March 2011 with the NGO’S Board. Our focus is majorly on clean water, health, environmental issues, governance, and economic empowerment.

At Center for Water Governance, we believe that efficient use and management of resources is the key to economic growth.

The Organization achieves its objectives through training ,educating the communities, as well as building capacity to enable everyone address the challenges they face through the right channels and seek lasting local solutions.

In recognition of the fact that poverty is a major challenge among most of these communities, Center for Water Governance also has an economic empowerment program targeting mostly the women and youth.

The program seeks to train these groups and equip them with basic business and leadership skills so that they may earn a living through lawful means and improve their livelihoods.

The Organization welcomes corporate and individual partnerships and collaborations who have converging views about the essence of its objectives